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1. USE OF VEHICLE.- Renter receives the rented vehicle and accesories described on page one hereof in good condition and undertakes to maintain and drive carefully and in accordance with the regulations of the Motor traffic Code It is expressly prohibited:

a) To carry passengers or goods when this implies subleasing vehicle directly or indirectly.
b) The operation of said vehicle by any person who is not hereby authorized.
c) To drive said vehicle when driver´s physical condition is impaired by alcohol drugs fatigue or illness.
d) To use the vehicle to propel or tow other vehicles.
e) To use the vehicle for racing rallies etc.
f) To break the seal of or interfere with the odometer its failure must be immediately notified to Lessor.
g) It is forbidden to take the vehicle out of the island unless written authorisation is given by the car hire company

2. RETURN OF VEHICLE.- Said vehicle will be returned to the place and on the date specified on page one hereof and any alteration to the agreed place and date of cars return must be previously authorized by Lessor. The infulfilment of this condition entitles Lessor to demand in court the restitution of the vehicle. Rental period is the specified on page one hereof. After this time Lessor has the right to charge for an extra day.

3.RENTAL CHARGES.- Renter agrees to pay in additions to the rental charges and taxes stipulated in Lessorss valid tariff all expenses resulting from missing of vehicle tools and accesories as well as all fines and courts costs for traffic and other legal violations caused through fault of Renter during the term of this agreement.
The application of the tariff originally agreed is subject to the return of the vehicle on the place and date stipulated hereby.

4. INSURANCE.- Rental rates include the following services except for cases in which the conditions specific to each reservation contain exceptions that are applicable to it. Unlimited Mileage Thirdparty insurance with collision damage waiver coverage with or without an excess depending on the category handover point and supplier. If there is an excess it will be indicated in the vehicle description for the handover of the vehicle acceptance of the STIPULATED excess is compulsory (security deposit not required, full insurance includes the total elimination of franchise). Unlimited civil liability. Full coverage for the first driver and generally for the second driver. Which are not included at: Lost or stolen keys, damage caused to the underside of the vehicle, damage caused to axle or wheel rim, damage to tyres, towing service costs if at fault, damage caused to radio or cd players, filling tank deposit with wrong fuel, damage caused to locks, damage caused to upholstery, theft or loss of any car parts, lost or broken keys and related charges, tow to move the vehicle or coding new keys, etc..

5. ACCIDENTS.- Renter agrees to take the following action in case of accident:
a) Not to admit liability or guilt.
b) To obtain full details of parties involved and witnesses filling in the form enclosed with the cars documents which will be forwarded immediately by telephone.
c) To notify the authorities immediately if another party´s guilet has to be ascertained.

6. REPAIRS.- Lessor shall reimburse Renter of the cost of greasing, oil changes and minor repairs except flat tire up to 30 € providing all bills or receipts to substantiate such expenses be furnished to Lessor, prior permission of the lessor.

7. LESSOR´S LIABILITY.-he rented vehicle has undergone the obligatory revisions stipulated by (I.T.V.) Technical Inspection of Vehicles. Lessor holds no responsibility any damages which may be incurred directly or indirectly by a breakdown. At the renter´s request, the lessor will revise the vehicle with him, both during the pick up than drop off.

8. AGE.- The minimum age for renting a vehicle is 21 and the customer is required to have been licensed to drive for at least 3 years at the time of rental.

9. ELEVATORS/BABY SEATS. Lessor will provide baby seat, booster or roof rack if demanded. The renter driver will be responsible for the correct installation of these items in the car as well as the age of the children that correspond to the security system. Lessor will be exempt of any responsibility of any damage that may suffer the user of those items.

10. JURISDICTION.- Should any difference arise between both parties they mutually agree to submit themselves to the Courts of Palma de Mallorca waiving herby any right to any other jurisdiction.


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